digital portfolio


Posthuman Gesture – 2018

Towards a Mappable Database of Emergent Gestural Meaning – 2016

extramuros: making music in a browser-based, language-neutral collaborative live coding environment – 2015

Creating “Orbit, a Scalable Laptop Composition” – 2012

Performance Documentation

Rehearsal: live coding piece performed at the International Live Coding Conference in Mexico, 2017

skeuomorph rehearsal: screen capture

Rehearsal: Boundary Study #1 performed at Progress Festival Toronto, 2016

rehearsal: Boundary Study #1: video

rehearsal: Boundary Study #1: screen capture

Performance: shared buffer- networked collaborative live coding. International Conference on Live Coding ICLC. 2016

Shared Buffer: video

The Inevitability of Objects: Sound Visions – SoundPlay Festival 2014, Toronto

The Inevitability of Objects: video